California Balboa Classic
Mission Balboa “Solo Balboa” Jan 24-36 (Teaching Solo)
Hot Rhythm Holiday
Beijing Balboa (Teaching with Shawn Hershey)-Delayed
Shanghai Balboa (Teaching with Shawn Hershey)-Delayed
The Experiment April 5-12 (Teaching Solo)
Tuscany Balboa Weekend April 28-May 3 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Balboa on the Promanade
Northwest Balboa Fest May 15-17 (Teaching with Mickey)
Valencia Balboa Weekend May 22-24 (Teaching with Blake Thiessen)
Kracow – Rock the Balboa May 29-31(Teaching with Blake Thiessen)
Seattle Workshop June 12-14 (Teaching with Blake Thiessen)
Rock Swing Boogie July11-17 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Hamburg Balboa Weekend July 17-19 (Teaching with Iran Tobi)
Great Lakes Balboa Escape Aug 7-9 (Teaching with Matt Mitchell)
Bal love Aug 30-13 (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace)
Helswingi Sept 25-27 (Teaching with Blake Thiessen)
Tinkerbal Sept 2-4 (Teaching solo)
Rocky Mountain Balboa Oct 16-18 (Teaching with Gio Olla)
Valencia Blues and Balboa Oct 23-25 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
California Balboa Classic (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace and Andreas Olsson)
Hot Rhythm Holiday (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace and Matt Mitchell)
Bal-timore (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace)
Lindy Fest
Motley Hue
The Experiment 
Blues Shout
Swing Paradise (Teaching with Shawn Hershey)
Bal Week
Minor Swing (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace)
All Balboa Weekend (Teaching with Sanna Leionen)
Rock Swing Boogie, Lagioule France (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Bal-Love (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace)
Great Lakes Balboa Escape
Bobby White workshop weekend in seattle (Teaching and organizing)
The Balboa Retreat (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Emerald city blues
Tinkerbal (teaching by myself)
San Francisco Jenn Lee and Jeremy Otth weeekend
Lindy Shock
Blues Baby Blues  (London)
Austin Lindy exchange
Jacob Wigger Jenn Lee Slow Balboa work shop
The Snowball

California Balboa Classic Jan 19-21 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Berlin Balboa Weekend (Teaching with Freddie Karlbom)
All the Cats Join In (Teaching with Jacob Wigger)
Hot Rhythm Holiday
Fairbanks March 30 (Teaching with Augie Freeman)
Camp Swing It (Teaching with Blake Thiessen)
New York Bal Week April 23-29 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Toronto April 22 (Teaching)
Minor Swing (Teaching with Javier Johnson)
Northwest Balboa Festival (Teaching with Jeremy Otth)
Camp Jitterbug (Judging)
All Balboa Weekend (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace)
Rock Swing Boogie (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Herrang (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace)
Balastof (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace)
I ❤ Bal Prague (Teaching with Mickey Fortenace)
Camp Hollywood
Great Lakes Balboa Escape
Taiwan Balboa (Teaching with David Lee)
All the Swing, Reading England Sept 21 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Korea Balboa weekend (Teaching with Augie Freeman)
Seattle Workshops Nov 10-11 (Teaching with Jacob Wigger)
The Snowball

California Balboa Classic Jan 6-9 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Hot Rhythm Holiday Jan 27-29th (Teaching with Augie Freeman)
All the Cats Join In- Melbourne March 10-12 (Teaching with Jacob Wigger)
Come Around Montreal March 17-19 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
The Balboa Experiment (Participant and Mentor)
New York City Bal Week April 24-30 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Hamburg Balboa Weekend May 5-7 (Teaching with Mickey Fortanasce)
Northwest Bal fest May 19-21 (Teaching with Augie Freeman)
All Balboa Weekend
Rock Swing Boogie July 15-22 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Madrid in Pulse Sept 9-11th (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Swing Castle Camp Weekend
Minsk Balboa Weekend Sept 28-Oct 1 (Teaching with Augie Freeman)
Korea Lindy Fest
Balhalla Oct 6 (Teaching with Blake Croxdale)
Birmingham Swing Festival Nov 17th (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
The Andreas Olsson Birthday Bash (Teaching with guess)
Camp Hollywood
Lindy Focus

California Balboa Classic
Berlin Balboa weekend
Hot Rhythm Holiday (Teaching with Matt Mitchell)
Tiny Balboa, Grenoble April 1-3 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
The Balboa Experiment (Participant and Mentor)
Northwest Bal Fest May 13-15 (Organizing with Andrew Hou and Sherman Ku)
Camp Jitterbug (Judging)
All Balboa Weekend
Vancouver Mini Balboa Weekend June 1-3 (Teaching with Blake Croxdale)
Rock Swing Boogie July 16-23 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Camp Hollywood
Bal Break Sept 9-11th (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
Balboa Castle Camp, Berlin Sep 16-23(Teaching with Freddie Karlbom)
Lindy Shock Oct 28-Nov 2 (Teaching with Freddie Karlbom)
Birmingham Swing Festival Nov 19-20 (Teaching with Andreas Olsson)
San Francisco Dec 3 (Teaching with Doug Matthews)
Killer Diller weekend Dec 12 (teaching with Jacob Wigger)

Hot Rhythm Holiday
California Balboa Classic (Teaching with Peter Flahiff)
The Balboa Experiment (Participant and Mentor)
All Balboa Weekend
Bal-ast off
Vancouver Mini-Fest Aug 21-22 (Teaching with Matt Mitchell)
Balboa Castle Camp
Northwest Bal Fest May 13-15 (Organizing with Andrew Hou and Sherman Ku)
Music City Shuffle (Teaching with Dan Newsome)
Rocky Balberna Nov 27-29 (Teaching with Augie Freeman)

Lindy Focus
California Balboa Classic
Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout (Teaching with Matt Mitchell)
Berlin Balboa Weekend
Savoy Swing Jam
The Balboa Experiment (Participant and Mentor)
Balboa Boot Camp May 17th (Teaching with Blake Croxdale)
Balboa Swing Kids Workshop May 18th (Teaching with Sherman Ku)
Perm Russia Workshop May May 23-25 (Teaching with Mickey Fortanasce)
Hamburg Balboa Weekend
Vancouver Balboa Mini Fest july 4-6 (Teaching with Peter Flahiff)
Bal Austin Workshop July 19 (Teaching with Matt Mitchell)
Camp Hollywood
Seattle Lindy Exchange
Balboa Castle Camp
Camp Balboa Seattle Sept 19-21 (Teaching with Peter Flahiff)
Lindy Shock Oct 28-Nov 2 (Teaching with Gio Olla)
Killer Diller Weekend
Music City Shuffle
Bal-Stravaganza Dec 20 (Teaching with Peter Flahiff)
The Snowball

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